Surfboard Tie-down Straps:

Loop Cam StrapCam StrapRatched StrapFlat Hook Cam Strap
Surfboards strapped to roof of classic Woody

Any strap or strap system used for securing surfboards to vehicle roof racks, tops of vehicles, or trailers.

Strap types:

Loop Cam Strap

A Loop Strap is best for use with a vehicle roof rack. Simply loop each end to your roof rack, pull both free ends of your strap up over your surfboard and buckle, pulling tight to secure.

Cam Strap

A Cam Only Strap is the simplest way to secure your surfboard to your vehicle if you don't have a roof rack. Simply run the straps through the open doors and around your board, pull your strap tight, then close your doors. A pad or towel can be placed under the board to prevent damage.

Ratchet Strap

A Ratchet Strap is best for when you really want to cinch things down tightly, or for multiple items together.

Flat Hook Strap

A Flat Hook Strap is best for vehicle with well defined "gutters." Simply hook the straps into the gutters and pull tight to secure.

Webbing options:

Stack of Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing

Heavyweight Polypropylene webbing is excellent for outdoor use, especially if its going to be getting wet. It does not absorb water, giving it great resistance to mildew & rot, and has excellent UV protection.

Stack of Flat Nylon webbing

Flat Nylon webbing is what is commonly referred to as "pet quality". It has a smooth feel and a "shiny" appearance. If you are not using your straps in or around water constantly, you can use Flat Nylon webbing. Nylon has a stronger breaking strength and higher resistance to abrasion than Polypropylene. However, it does not have as good UV protection or resistance to rot and mildew as Heavyweight Polypro.

Stack of Polyester webbing

Polyester webbing has the best strength and abrasion resistance of all the webbing listed here. Polyester is also webbing that can be sublimated, which is an imprinting process which results in vibrant, colorfast, custom colors, patterns and logos--like a "tattoo" for the webbing.

Hardware options:

Stainless Steel Cam Buckle

Stainless Steel Cam Buckles--these buckles are highly recommended for surfboard tie-downs because of their high resistance to corrosion. Cam Buckles are best used when combined with a Flat Hook strap.

Ratchet Buckle

Ratchet Buckles--Ratchet Buckles are your heavy duty hardware to "ratchet" items tight & secure. These are commonly used for the heavier loads, or when you have multiple surfboards or extra gear to carry on your vehicle.

Flat hooks, S-hooks, and Wire hooks

Flat Hooks (gutter hooks) are great when combined with the Stainless Steel Cam Strap for a quick and easy way to tie down your surfboard(s) on top of your vehicle. The Flat Hook fits snug on most "gutters" on vehicles, and with the combination of the Cam Buckle for adjusting/tightening, you just can't go wrong! There are several other options for your straps with end hardware, depending on how you want to secure your straps to your vehicle. Coated Safety S Hooks, Coated S Hooks, and Wire Hooks are options for your straps, depending on your needs.

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